I offer high quality professional customised services. They include executive and leadership coaching, corporate learning and development initiatives, scoping missions for coaching and leadership projects, group facilitation.

When returning from an expat assignment in South Africa, I decided to set up my own practice to help individuals and organisations develop and perform in the so-called Volatile Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA). My mission is to provide effective services internationally to those who want the best for themselves.

My clients value my rich background, extensive experience and positive, challenging style:

  • PhD in economics
  • Master’s Degree in international management
  • UK Ambassador of the University of Strasbourg
  • Personal performance qualified coach
  • Personality profiling qualified consultant
  • International experience: corporate, academic, entrepreneurial
  • Bilingual French/English and specialist translator
  • Meditation practitioner and qualified yoga teacher

I adhere to the codes of ethics of my profession. All interactions are confidential. I am clear about boundaries and my roles. I undertake regular continuing personal and professional development and I receive regular coaching supervision from an accredited supervisor.

Contact me

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