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The people and organisations who work with me value powerful, honest and contracted relationships.

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Below are examples of what people say about their experience and benefits of working with me. Some value their privacy, some share their experience on LinkedIn.

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‘My awareness of how both I and those around me come to their decisions, and why we do so, has improved immensely. This has enabled me to formulate and understand my own decisions in much better context and also to implement them far more effectively’. Board member, chairman, professional services.

‘Our leadership team was composed of people with strongly divergent views on the priorities and purpose of the business. Francoise equipped me with techniques and methods for better understanding and navigating the personalities of the leadership team, also helping me prioritise competing requests. Her approach is never stifling and despite the seriousness of some of the challenges raised, she effortlessly brings humour and warmth into the dialogue.’ VP Sales, software industry.

‘I am impressed by Françoise’s ability to understand me and adapt her coaching skills and tools to my personality. Indeed, she knew how to use innovative tools to allow me to overcome sticking points, to be able to express myself and finally visualize solutions’. Senior research engineer and manager, pharmaceuticals.

‘As a result of the coaching sessions with Francoise I have become much more positive and confident, realised my potential and I have managed to make progress on areas that were preventing me previously with my career. I now feel more prepared and confident to deal with future business issues.’ Category manager, pharmaceuticals.

‘Francoise is a skilled coach who builds relationships quickly and establishes trust.’ Pat Hartwell, International Learning & Development Specialist, UK

‘Francoise is a genuine listener; she respects my values and remains focused on my agenda and outcomes. She is very organised and well prepared. Her knowledge and understanding of business and its implications is much appreciated as well as her thought provoking questions. I recommend Francoise’s coaching services.’ Stella Collins, Creative Director, author of ‘Neuroscience for Learning and Development’, UK

‘Her process-based and ‘diagnostic-oriented’ approach was also highly appreciated. I found Françoise extremely business focused with a ‘can-do’ attitude that helps drive leadership development. She is very responsive and has shown to be able to help remove personal obstacles that stand in the way of starting up new business initiatives.’ Pascal Denizart, General Manager and former board member of ENSISA engineering and technology school, France

‘Françoise believes in actively pursuing corporate and individual development. She is professional, utterly reliable and a colleague whose commitment to the highest levels of public and private responsibility is beyond reproach.’ Colm Foy, Consultant in Communications and International Development, Canada, former positions include head of communication, OECD

‘Françoise is one of the most talented researchers I have had the pleasure to work with. Her Ph.D on electricity supply in developing countries raised fundamental theoretical and practical issues in the domains of public/private partnerships and industrial organization. To these qualities Françoise adds outstanding capabilities in many domains: as a lecturer, a corporate trainer, a consultant and a professional coach.’ Patrick Cohendet, Professor, HEC Montreal, Canada

‘I had the chance to have Francoise as a teacher during my master degree. She is the kind of amazing teachers who guide you to find the answer by yourself instead of simply giving it. It makes a great difference in the learning process and it gives you a much deeper understanding of what she is teaching you. A few years later, I got back in touch with Francoise. I was then in a very unstable part of my life. Between jobs, in a new country and with a feeling of losing the focus on my personal and professional objectives. With the same methodology, Francoise guided me and helped me to ask myself the right questions and get a better understanding of the underlying reasons of my choices. I was able to clarify my objectives and take the right decisions which helped me move forward and find success and happiness.’ Luc Gassman, product management professional, Hong Kong

‘Her international and visionary spirit and her ability to tailor her teaching to our science and engineering students’ needs and learning styles have enabled them to readily capture the essence of this key and evolving discipline.’ Jocelyne Brendle, Professor and director at ENSCMu chemical engineering school, France

‘I particularly appreciated Francoise’s availability and pragmatism, and her diverse knowledge and strong experience – academic, corporate and cross-cultural. ‘ Delphine Carouge, PhD Epigenetics, Technology Transfer Manager, France

‘Françoise understands project management and expatriates’ challenges in global industries. Her thorough and driven attention to detail, as well as her ability to coach in my native language, made her executive and cross-cultural coaching practical, effective and measurable.’ Jean-Michel Schwartz, Process & Tool Engineer, USA

‘Thanks to Francoise’s expatriate coaching, I was able to identify my personal traits, values, key and transferable skills that differentiate me from others.’ Isabelle Hinkel, PhD Life Sciences and Innovation, Master’s Degree IPI Engineering in Innovative Projects, Australia

‘Francoise gave me the structure and guidance to focus on my goals both personally and professionally. Francoise has the extraordinary ability to teach people how to compartmentalise and find clarity with all cognitive thoughts. Her professional coaching has made a significant impact on my life. She has equipped me with invaluable skills and tools that I need to continue my path towards success. I look forward to adding more value and personal development when working with Francoise in the future.’ George P. Egleston,  Marketing Advisor at UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School, Ireland

‘Her coaching style empowered me to challenge myself and rethink situations in an effective way that has been beneficial for me personally and professionally.’ Anne-Laure Albergel, EAME Long Term Planner, France

‘Thanks to Francoise’s methodology, each session is a step forward. Françoise has a special way of deeply exploring the various aspects of an issue.’ Nadia Jullienne, Commercial & Quality Coordinator, France

‘She manages to create a trustful space, encouraging individuals to share their story with peers, helping them to raise their self-awareness and help them leave the workshop feeling positive and focused on concrete actionable take-aways.’ Brian Murphy, International Consultant in all aspects of the Hospitality Industry, UK

‘Francoise combines commercial acumen with empathy to achieve unique results.’ Clive Stokes, Managing Consultant, UK